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Welcome To Oasis Scientific Technologies

We are manufacturer and service provider of a quality approved products. We are one of the leading organization working in research, development and manufacturing of equipments from various sectors like health and hygiene, agriculture, environment and education etc. We are highly confident and working with dedication to provide
our customer with high quality, reliable and optimum equipments. We emphasis on quality and customers find in all aspects of our work.


Oasis scientific technologies is working in research, development, manufacturing and supplying of equipments from various sectors like health & hygiene, agriculture, environment, education etc.


Considering severity of environmental degradation and knowing the needs of pollution control our team is using their expertise in research & development of pollution control equipments or treatments. We have already developed biomedical waste incinerators and sanitary napkin destroyers which are useful for scientific disposal of these kinds of solid wastes.
We are also working for developing high end and low cost testing and measuring instruments.



Solar energy is most readily available source of energy. It is non-polluting and continuous source, so we are working to exploit this energy more efficiently in various sectors. OST is working in developing some solar products which are helpful in industry, agriculture, public sectors, transportation etc.


Health & Hygiene

“Sanitation is more important than independence” said Mahatma Gandhiji..
As we are very much inspired by this sentence of Bapuji, Our team has decided to work for sanitation, and as the woman is a catalyst for sanitation we have given special attention on women’s health and hygiene. We have developed two products under this category i.e. sanitary napkin vending machine and sanitary napkin incinerators.



We are developing finest performing industrial equipment uniquely designed for each specific application. Our comprehensive knowledge of industrial equipment allows us to offer a range of solutions for food, chemical and pharma industry.



Our team is busy in developing some educational equipments or projects, which will ease the way of teaching. We are focusing on stem learning which will give knowledge beyond the books to students. We want to give hands of experience to the students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which will be helpful in making India smarter.



OST is working to develop some equipment which are very much useful for various agricultural needs. These equipments will help the farmers to ease their routine operations in the fields than their traditional modes. These equipments will require very less efforts and will save the time and money of the farmers.

Problems Faced By Women...
Need Of Enfammer
  • Health Problems
  • Mental Stress
  • Unhygienic
  • Less Attendance
  • Reduce in efficiency
  • Loss of Concentration
Safe Disposal Essential Step...

Incineration of menstrual waste is being promoted by the Indian government in a rush to handle menstrual waste. Even in its Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) guidelines, government has been promoting the use of mini incinerators in schools and woman’s sanitary complexes to burn sanitary pads. UGC also given directive to all graduation institution to install Incinerator.

Problems Faced By Administration......
Need Of Enflammer
  • Polluted Environment
  • Bad Smell
  • Sanitary Blockages
  • Waste of Water
  • Labor Problem
  • Water Pollution

Sanitation Basic Right Of Everyone...

” Sanitation is more important than independence “

Our Inspiration
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