Open disposal of sanitary napkins can affect working atmosphere. most of the napkins in market contains plastic are non-biodegradable & remains for hundred’s of years in the environment. Another problem of used napkins is menstrual blood on napkins it stagnates for longer duration which allow’s pathogenic bacteria to
thrive in it, thus Unhygienic disposal of napkins will lead to various health hazards. Disposal of sanitory napkins in washroom leads in blockages of drain lines results in regular or untimely maintenance. So hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins in public place is essential, keeping this in mind Oasis Scientific technologies brought the product for hygienic disposal of napkins nunder the name of “Enflammer”. It is a fully automatic sanitary napkin incine rator. It is one of the best solution for scientific and hygienic way for disposal of used sanitary napkins. It burns the napkins within few minutes and convert it into sterile ash. It is fully automatic and safe. Just push one button, entire process will be started and stopped automatically.


Model Capacity Input Voltage Power Consumption Mode Constraction Operation Safty Cutoff
Enflammer SNI-2010 1000 Napkins Per day 1ph 230v 50Hz 1 to 2KW Full Automatic Stainless Steel Dual Micro Processor Three


  • Hygienic and Healthy environment.
  • Avoid blockages in drain lines.
  • Less building maintenance.
  • Stress relief for users.
  • Increase in attendance.
  • Avoid water pollution.
  • No need to wash napkins.
  • Water Saving.
  • Quicker and safe disposal.


  • Fully Automatic no need to wait.
  • Advanced Technology.
  • Instant Disposal of napkins.
  • Burns & stops automatically.
  • Easy & Convenient to install.
  • Front opening door for safe & easy operations.
  • Auto thermal cutoff for safety.
  • Auto Timer cut off for safety.
  • Circuit breakdown for short circuit Protection.
  • Outside emission Outlet.